Recreational Dives

In the Marine Park of La Maddalena - Lavezzi & Tavolara

underwater sardinia

Technical Dives

Wrecks of the First and Second World War

orso diving
whale watching - avvistamento cetacei WhaleWatching

Daily Trips

orso diving


Half and daily Trips

More you dive and less you pay!
Stop with prepaid packages, and at the end of your holiday you will pay only those dives you have
done and you can store them with your family!
The price of the dives will be between € 35 to

Recreational Dives

€ 28 and the surcharge of the excursions in the
Channel of Bonifacio will be only of € 15,00
OTD "Orso Tec Department" is for technical demanding immersioni tecniche con l'Orso Diving
divers and for who wants to become
With ODT you can dive on the 10 most beautiful wreck of the south
Corse and northeast Sardinia.
Professionism and reliability of the 28 years of Orso Diving.
Technical Courses  
Technical dive isn't for everyone, but if you want to try
if you willing to take the risks, the responsability and the
obligations will not regret it. It will be one of the diving
experiences more rewarding you've ever had.
Clan Olgive Wreck Santa Manza Wreck Sixengines Messerschmitt Wreck
Relitto Clan Olgive Reitto Santa Manza Relitto Esamotore Messerschmitt

...and for technical divers who love wrecks, here our proposals

Accommodation + Diving 2016
Have a look to our accommodations offers
Special Groups "Adopt a boat"
At the Orso Diving groups composed of min. 10 divers will have very special conditions, with the
special formula "adopt a boat"
During the holiday's periode we give to the group a boat where the divers can leave on board all the
equipments with the tanks. Our staff will wash the equipment with sweet water and will refill the tanks
directly on board. Moreover the divers can decide the schedule time of the diving excursions, the
diving spots or to stop in some beaches to eat between the first and the second dive.
Diving + Whale Watching
for those who will catch our special offers "accommodation + diving" we will offer
the exclusive Full-Day “Whale watching” excursion with 20% of discount, or leave free one 2 dives
day with a surcharge of € 30. (Dive package with min 10 dives)
"Side Mount" Discovery PADI
Who will do min. 10 dives during the season will have the possibility to try free the Side Mount
equipment during one dive.


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