"German lighter barge"

Depth: max 65m/min 58m. -  Distance from the Diving 28 ml. - Navigation Time 80 -
QUORUM min. 7 divers
A) Total dive time up to 150’ • € 120,00
B) Total dive time up to 210’ • € 150,00
C) Total dive time over: 210’ • € 180,00
Boat departure h. 09,00 - Return at about h. 14,30 ("A" Dive Type)

Type Barge  
Nationality german
Lenght 40 m ca.
Historical interest  
Photographic interest  
Naturalistic interest  

Wreck recently found. It 's definitely a German barge. Very nice is the bridge, where there are still many parts of the original structure.
A wreck flooded with colorful Gorgonian Yellow and red.
It is located in sailing trim on a sandy bottom.

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