Staff 2016 - In alto da sinistra: Andrea DellaciGiulia Borsar, Checco Boi, Matteo Orrù, Asia Azzali, Luca Magliacca, Andrea Rubiu, Daniele Monti, Mario Guareschi, Daniele Palisi. In basso da destra: Paola Pegoraro, Silvia Pauletto, Corrado Azzali, Alessio Azzali.

orso diving team

Staff 2015 - Top left: Corrado Azzali e "Scuba", Alessandro Boschi, Daniele Palisi,Luca Magliacca, Asia Azzali, Alessio Azzali, Paola Pegoraro, Matteo Orrù, Leonardo Maule. Botton right: Checco Boi, Linda Sitz, Alessandro Dembech, Christophe Maule, Cecilia Zilio, Federica Sindici, Gianluca Battaglia.orso diving team

Staff 2014 - Top left: Marco Guandalini, Igor Sangalli, Luca Magliacca, Daniele Palisi, Jacopo Columbu, Mattia Fieschi, Giuliana Prosdocimo, Luca Bittau, Checco Boi. Botton left: Christophe Maule, Corrado Azzali e "Scuba", Alessandro Boschi, Asia Azzali, Paola Pegoraro, Alessio Azzali.orso diving team

Staff 2013 - Top left Checco Boi, Corinna Imhoff, Beatrice Rivoira, Paola Pegoraro, Asia Azzali, Erika Dionisio. Botton right Ferdinando Miscetti, Daniele Palisi, Mario Guareschi, Alessandro Boschi, Luca Magliacca, Corrado Azzali, Christophe Maule

STAFF 2012:

orso diving team 2012

STAFF 2011: from left: Paola, Asia, Corrado, Scuba, Ester, Margherita. And then from right Leonardo, Checco, Alessio, Salvatore, Marco, Damiano e Maurizio!



STAFF 2010: from left Eleonora, Silvia Claudio, Ferdinando, Enrico, Alessio (up) Dario, Federico, Asia, Paola, Corrado & Scuba, Sandro, Sergio, Checco!

STAFF 2009  Up from left: Ferdinando, Checco, Sergio, Giovanna, Paola
Down from left: Massimiliano, Giulia, Silva, Corrado e Scuba, Simone, Eleonora, Ugo 

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Why Orso Diving ?
  1. Dives: In the Mediterranean Sea it's not easy to found better then Bocche di Bonifacio area and the 4 Natural Park (Cerbicali and Lavezzi Islands in Corsica and La Maddalena and Tavolara in Sardinia). Thanks to our expert diving guides, in max 5 divers per group, you will appreciate the best diving spots.
  2. Courses: Orso Diving is a PADI IDC 5 stars (Instructor development centre) with us also technical courses as DSAT-Tec Rec PADI. Every year we propose professional and technical courses and stagesof photo, video, rebreathers with famous teachers.
    We offers diving course in the most important languages: Eng, Ger, Fre, Spa.
  3. The staff: The Orso Diving has never haggled over the number of its collaborators. During the season we are up to 7/8 Instructors and 4/5 Dive Masters.
  4. The Base: it's a floating diving center so more comfortable.
  5. The boats: techicals, speeds, safes, adapt to Mediterranean sea.
  6. Emerald Coast: because your diving holiday is not only diving activities, but also outside the water, wonderful beaches and landascapes. Foods and drinks.
  7. Quality/price of our diving+accommodation packages. we have choosen the best accommodations with the best prices one close our diving base.
  8. Why Orso Diving: is born 25 years ago, one of the first diving center in Sardinia.
A bit of history......

Corrado Azzali the first and actual manager of the Orso Diving Club born in Salsomaggiore T. in 1960, in the '77 he discovered what in the future will be his live, scubadiving.

In 1982 Corrado becomes Dive Master and in 1986 becomes Diving Instructor, actually with over 6.000 dives he enjoy himself

In 1987 Corrado he manage his Orso Diving Center after  an experience of 4 seasons as a Diving Guide and as a PADI Instructor in Maldives. 

In the following years, Corrado spends the summer seasons in Sardinia, and the winter ones in the Tropical Seas:
1982 - 1990 at the Maldives (the last four seasons on cruise boats);
1991 - 1992 on Similand Island, again on a cruise boat;
1992 - 1996 in Egypt, Sudan and Cayo Largo Island (Cuba).  

In these years Corrado works side by side with the wonderful Maddy, sadly lost in the '96. They plan, start and manage nearly ten Diving Centers and Cruising Boats. Most of the times they are real "track openers": they are the first ones to organize cruises in the Maldives and Similand, the first ones to open and manage a Diving Center in Sudan, the first foreign society to lead a Diving Center in Cuba.

In 1993 Corrado meets Paola Pegoraro and in 1995 they get married. Corrado has now stopped working with activities abroad, in order to follow exclusively the Diving Base in Sardinia with Paola.

From '92 to '97 they directed the diving vacations sectors of different Travel Agencies, such as Line Diving - Grantour and Going Diving of Going Tours.
In 1998 Corrado and Paola created their own Tour Operator called "I Viaggi dell’Orso", selling only locations directly managed by themselves (Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Port Sudan, Cayo Largo and Sardinia). 

Since 2000 Paola and Corrado have been exclusively taking care of the first and last "true" Orso Diving Club, the one in Poltu Quatu in Sardinia. In the meantime the family has happily increased with the arrivals of Asia in 1996 and Alessio in 1999.

From 2000 till now Orso Diving continue to evolve, buying new, big, technological boats, to offer new excursions as the Snorkeling and the Whale Watching but also new diving spots as the Cerbicali Island.

PADI Resort 5 stars till '2009. This year PADI Dive Center 5 stars IDC (school for new padi diving instructors), an international dive center where courses are made in the most important languages

25 years with the same management! One of the old in Italy.


CERTIFICATIONAuthorized to operate in the Marine Park and Reserves of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, the Archipelago of Lavezzi and the Island of Tavolara. 

Registered in the Regional Professional Diving Centers Bulletin Board at number 31.
PADI DIVE CENTER IDC 5 Stars N° 9112. 
Insured with DAN (Assurance type "Khan - n° 13107.2082) with a coverage toward thirdparty of €1.100.000,00. 
Registered as an Official Diving Center in the Harbour Authorities Register, art. n.68 of the Navigation Code n. 12.


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