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Orso Diving - Tek Department is for tech divers who are looking for: a beautiful and unique diving center with an optimal logistic with free parking next to the diving; boarding directly from the diving, diving boats spacious, safe and fast dedicated exclusively to technical diving; competent and reliable staff for gas mixtures and surface assistance, a wide selection of technical rental equipment and finally clarity and honesty in the prices. And for those who need an accommodation Orso Diving offers the best one in the area with the best ratio quality / price with very good prices reserved for our clients
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Each dive will have its price depending on the distance from the diving and on the level of engagement / times of the staff and diving boats .
We do not offer underwater diving guide, all the dive sites will "fix" with 10mm rope and large surface boye where the balloons of the decompression station proposal on two levels will be tied. In case of current, divers can releasable them, while the boat will remain free for emergencies. Divers will dive under their own responsibility and only if they satisfy the right requirements and diving licences for the depth of the dive .

Tek Department operability from April to November inclusive.
NB In the period 15/06 - 15/09 Technical diving is available only for groups of a minimum 8 divers

6 € per cubic meter 24 € per cubic meter
The price is variable according to the cost of the raw material
immersioni tecniche

If you are a tec divers and don't travel with a group you can have problems to reach the quorum required from the diving center. As you can see on our “Wrecks cards” we require a min. of 4 divers to reach the nearest diving spots and max 7 divers for those farthest In the following periods we try to collect Tec Divers travelling alone.

immersioni tecniche

May 20/27 – September 22/29 – October 7/14

ricarica miscele per immersioni tecniche

To refill the Open Circuit the price of the air part is always 10 Euro, independently of the liters of the tanks.





Blending System: 
Dedicated Compressor for technical refill " Aereotecnica Coltri MCH 16-ET + 3 additional Maxi Filters

We change Filters every 40 Hours Working. Dedicated Hose for Pure oxygen refill.
Blending Unit BTA ( BArnini tecnologie Avanzate) Type R133 HBQ. The Blending Unit are tested in accordance to standard/ quality and IT also accorded to directive 97/23/CE.Certificated N°PED-0948-qsh-346-11. Th system are cecked By TUV Italia.

Technical Rental Equipment: prices per day: 

N° 2  DPV Seux- Xjoy 7 € 50,00
N° 4  Double Tanks 12+12 230 BAr/ATm € 15,00
N° 1 Double Tanks 10+10    230 BAr/Atm  € 15,00
N° 8  Stages S-80 11 Lt (alluminum) inio)  € 10,00
N° 6 Tanks 7 Lt Dedicated Oxygen (Alluminum) € 10,00
N° 2 Rebreathers Inspoiration " Vision" Sofnolime Are including € 80,00
N°8 FAeMi torch 50 W € 8,00

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